Bookshop Experience



The first ever Bookshop-Holiday / Residency - Experience
in Ireland welcomes you at our long-established
business to “Play Bookshop”


  • Book your private apartment with access to the Bookshop below
  • Learn to run a Bookshop by observing and interacting
  • Experience challenges & possibilities of an independent Bookshop
  • Enter a world of rare and second-hand books alike
  • Meet clients, learn to evaluate books, observe and enjoy
  • Combine a Holiday & a serious encounter with the rare book–world
  • Create a real memory of what it is actually like to run a Bookshop


What you can expect:

You will live in the apartment on top of the bookshop
You run the shop with as much or as little supervision as you feel comfortable
After an introduction, learn how to price books, get them ready for retail and present them

Learn about the benefits of a bookshop being connected to our very active & lively, specialist Vegan Café & Coffeeshop, which we are operating inside the bookshop

Due to the Café being staffed all the time, you can take days off and go on trips and explore the area without the opening hours being disrupted

You are also free to open up on days the Café is closed (Sundays) or even on evenings and attract visitors to local pubs to pay you a visit

What you cannot expect:

Please note that this is not a volunteer opportunity, nor are we paying you to work
This is a holiday-experience you are paying for, and you can enjoy the bookshop as you wish

It is the sole responsibility of the resident to ensure that they adhere to any visa requirements or similar regulations


- The minimum stay is one week (7 nights)

- Price for Apartment above the Bookshop & Bookshop-experience is:

250 € per night = 1750 € per week [Longer stays can be negotiated]


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Bookshop Experience