Williams, The Complete Book of Chinese Health Balls.

Williams, Ab.

The Complete Book of Chinese Health Balls. Background and Use of the Health Balls.

Holland, Binkey Kok Publications, 1997. Octavo. 93 pages. Original Softcover. Secondhand book in very good condition.

Do you own a set of Chinese Health Balls? Known as ‘Boading balls’ ‘Baud balls’ or just health balls they’re certainly much more than a curio! People have been using them for centuries. The balls are explained exercises are included the treatments revealed – here for the first time! More and more people in the West are looking for answers in Eastern medicine lifestyle and therapies. Just about everyone has heard of yoga meditation and acupuncture. This book is aimed at drawing attention to the still relatively unknown phenomenon of Chinese Health balls. Step by step you can practice the many exercises to master Meridian Ball Therapy a therapy that can make a significant contribution to physical and spiritual health. Also explained are the elements of Chinese medicine that are relevant to the use and practice of the health balls – meridians acupuncture acupressure and reflexology as well as an historical perspective on the balls through the ages. (Publishers information).

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Williams, The Complete Book of Chinese Health Balls.