Wigmore, The Wheatgrass Sook.

Wigmore, Ann.

The Wheatgrass Sook. How to Grow and Use Wheatgrass To Maximize Your Health and Vitality.

Wayne, NJ, Avery Pub. Group, 1985. 126 pages. Original Softcover. Secondhand book in very good condition.

The Wheatgrass Book is written by Ann Wigmore – the woman who introduced wheatgrass juice to America 30 years ago. Ann’s book contains a wealth of information on wheatgrass – from its nutrient properties to ways of easily growing it for the home juicer. Chapters include: green power from wheatgrass, how wheatgrass chlorophyll works, super nutrition from wheatgrass, how to grow and juice wheatgrass and the many uses of wheatgrass. This is a must for the person serious about incorporating wheatgrass into his or her health regimen. (Publishers information).

  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0895292343
  • Inventory Number: 400472AB

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Wigmore, The Wheatgrass Sook.
Wigmore, The Wheatgrass Sook.